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Daily Prayer Self-Care Journal for Black Men

Daily Prayer Self-Care Journal for Black Men

Do you need help with tracking your goals? Need clarity for positive thinking? Want to become more emottionally aware? This self-care journal is for you!


This hard-cover bound journal is  a transformative tool for developing consistent self-awareness for men in all aspects of your daily life. This IS NOT a book of scriptures, but more of a self-guided journal that will help bring clarify to your daily goals and you visualize your daily manifestations. 


Not just a prayer journal (although can be used as such). This self-care journal has self-guided activities that allows you to track personal goals (mini or large), enhance positive thinking through mindfulness activities, allows you to create meaningful daily check-ins with yourself, to even tracking your sleeping patterns. This journal even allows you to rank your day! 


This journal keeps you emotionally aware, accountable, and allows you to see your future projections come to life. 

Treat yourself and start your journey today!!! 


This journal is not only a meaningful gift for friends and family, but also a transformative tool for developing a consistent tracking of your daily life. 

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